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Awesome!Do You Like Drawer boxes?

Awesome!Do You Like Drawer boxes?

Armani Lashes Mink Eyelash Vendors and Eyelash Vendor Wholesale USA and Eyelash Box Vendors ,do Lashes Packaging Wholesale and Custom Lash Box.We have almost  300 styles Luxury Eyelash packaging and Custom Lash Boxes With Perfect Quality! Those Styles Boxes can do Custom Eyelash Boxes and print your private logo or brand name on the box.  

Eyelash Vendors with Packaging Wholesale Lashes Packaging boxes drawer cases

The drawer boxes are very popular with our customers. It can clearly see the eyelashes inside, which is simple and clear. It is also magnetic. We can design some unique designs on the back according to customers’ preferences, such as mobile phones ,butterfly boxes and radios. In other blogs, we mentioned that the dollar money box and lashwood are also very popular with customers, and these designs can also be realized on the drawer boxes.

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Unique Eyelash Packaging ideas Cellphone Lash boxes Custom

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Butterfly Eyelash Boxes Wholesale Custom Drawer Pink eyelash packaging vendors

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Eyelash Packaging Drawer Boxes with logo or brand name

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There are also very popular water curtain boxes, which can also be printed on the drawer boxes.

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