Factory False Lashes No Grafting

Factory False Lashes No Grafting

100% Hand-made, Cruelty-free factory false lashes is Natural-looking, Lightweight and Comfortable, factory false lashes is Easy to apply and remove, Reusable. In our lashes factory you can get luxury customized box and best quality false eyelashes. Fast delivery and dropping shipping is Available, come to shop

False lashes are important for ladies,beautiful Factory false lashes can make girl’s eyes more attractive.So, there are so many false lashes products like false lashes、mascara cream、loreal and so on.Many girls are tired of artificial eyelash ,They prefer to eyelash grow, is it harmful to our health?


Girls must clearly understand that the principle of Factory false lashes is isolating permanent lransplantationl from Hindbrain,then grow it to damage part of eyelashes.if the survival rate is highly,so the false eyelashes are more good-looking.if the survival rate is low,so the fake eyelashes are terrible-looking.Now, eyelash grow is often mistaken for eyelash extension.in fact,eyelash grow and eyelash extension has a fundamentally different,eyelash extension is using special glue to paste the false false eyelash to our natural fake eyelashes one by one.It is comfortable to our eyes.But eyelash grow is an operation,we need to grow the hair follicle into eyes,It has a certain dangerous nature.

Hazard A:

Many organizations say that they bring in the technology of  Follicular Unit Extraction from developed countries.But in fact,Most of them have no professional practice.Maybe they just watched few video teaching.So,without guarantee of security is a big hazard of Factory false lashes.

Hazard B:

Factory false lashes may produce a series of complications,such as: nerve injury of eyes,infections. eyelash grow is growing the hair follicle into eyes,it is an operation, it is easy to hurt our eyes,and leads to infection.

Hazard C:

The survival rate of eyelash grow is low.now, many ladies said that ,there are only 5-6 hairs survive within 3 months after eyelash grow.Generally,the growth cycle of Factory false lashes is about 3-9 months. 3 months is about one third of false lashes growth cycle,in other words,even if the false lashes are considered dormant at present,there should be some effect.This tells us the survival rate of eyelash grow is low.It lead to only a few eyelash grow up.So the eyelash will irregular and chipped.

Hazard D:

Inverted eyelashes.inverted Factory false lashesmeans false lashes grow in the opposite direction,It will poke our eyes,generally,our natural fake eyelashes grow outward.inverted false lashes is very rare.Because fake eyelashes grow is planting other hair follicle into eyes,If we do not control the correct direction when grow the  hair follicle,It will hurt our eyes,and lead to uncomfortable even infection.in addition,inverted false mink lashes will tousle our false eyelashes without sense of beauty.

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