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How Does My Client Earn $2,000 Per Month By Selling Our Eyelashes For $100?

How Does My Client Earn $2,000 Per Month By Selling Our Eyelashes For $100?

Most eyelash retailers have not done eyelash business before or turned to mink eyelash business. They don’t understand the market of 3d mink eyelashes, consumers’ consumption mentality and habits, so their eyelash business is not successful. Many entrepreneurs only pay attention to immediate interests, and can’t provide better suggestions and marketing strategies from the market level, resulting in the inability to communicate with consumers. When consumers encounter quality problems, they cannot make quick and correct choices and give consumers a reasonable explanation, resulting in the loss of many customers. Your products and reputation have not left a good impression on consumers. Even if you get a good product, but you don’t have the right sales ideas, your eyelash business is very difficult to make!


I have a customer named Shyra,she started his eyelash business with $100,she ordered the siberian mink lashes sample,the sticker with logo,the Custom Eyelash Packaging circle clear case in the first order.After she received the package from ARMANI LASHES,she said the lashes are so pretty.And she ordered the bulk order.

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She ordered the lashes each week,and she told me,”Amy,thanks for your help.I earn $2000 each month,my customers all love these lashs,especially 20mm mink lashes. They introduced their friends to buy my mink lashes,and I got many good friends with my customers. Thats my first month to start own eyelash business,I believe that will be more better and better in the future!”

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After receiving the eyelashes, Shyra began to sell his eyelashes on her social media.She share the mink lashes picture,the videos to the Instagram,Youtube. And she wear the mink lashes and share the wear experience to the fans in the live.The important thing,Shyra is particularly hardworking. Therefore, her success is the inevitable result.As her business got better and better, she began to expand her business and ordered eyelash glue, eyelash tweezers and eyelash eyeliner.

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