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How To Clean Mink Lashes?

How To Clean Mink Lashes?

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Most of the time, you will not need to clean mink eyelashes. However, every time you remove the eyelashes, you need to remove the mink eyelash glue. This not only prevents residual mascara from accumulating on the mascara, but also reduces the risk of cosmetics sticking to the mascara.

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To clean the strap, completely remove the false eyelashes from the natural eyelash line, using tweezers or just pinch it between your fingers. The strap is 100% cotton, and you should be able to easily see the thin lines tied to the strap. It is very easy to remove. The best way to remove it is with your index finger and thumb, although you can use a cotton swab as needed. Use these fingers to gently wipe the adhesive on the eyelash band in circular motions, and then gently pull down. Do not use your fingers to pull the entire length of the eyelash curler, as this will damage the integrity of the eyelashes or even break it.

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Deep cleaning is very simple. After removing the eyelashes and trying to remove the eyelash glue with your fingers, fill a small dish with soapy water. Use mild soap, such as facial cleanser, or even mild shampoo or hand sanitizer, and never use cleanser or makeup remover. Put the eyelashes in a small bowl of soapy water and soak for five to ten minutes. Dirt, cosmetics, adhesives and any other debris attached to the eyelash fibers should easily fall off in water.

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After cleaning the mink, it is important to place them in a safe, dry place to dry. Clean false eyelashes should dry out quickly, but if you store them in the same packaging in the original box instead of putting them on paper towels, you can be sure that they will dry out into their original curved shape. That’s it, this is actually all you need to do to clean your false eyelashes!

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