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How To Place Order With Eyelash Vendors?

How To Place Order With Eyelash Vendors?

How to place an order from a supplier, so that you can start your eyelash business, the first thing you must do is to find the source of goods, how to find the source of goods? You will choose authoritative websites and shopping platforms, and you will also get information from various social media. At the same time, you will find that suppliers have also posted their product information on the Internet, leaving their contact information as well.

Armanilashes, whether it is a website or social media, usually uses whatsapp to communicate. You can ask about the products and prices you want through this social way. We will report high-quality products and professional services. After getting the products and prices you want, we will use paypal to receive your payment, or send invoices through email to complete payment, confirm your payment address, and then design your logo and produce your orders. We use fedex to transport goods, which is the most convenient at present.

When you receive your goods, you will like them very much and fall in love with them. At this time, you will order again, tell the supplier to place your order, and he will give you the price quickly. If you don’t want to change the box and logo, it will be faster, and your order will be submitted to production immediately. At the same time, the supplier will give you a little discount or gift because of your repurchase, and thank you for your trust in them. learn about products


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