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How To Start My Own Eyelash Brand with 150$?

How To Start My Own Eyelash Brand with 150$?

How to use a small investment to start and continue to make the eyelash line larger is a very headache topic. The key issue here is the minimum order quantity of the Custom Lash Packaging Box. After solving this problem, the whole process will be no problem.

Armani Lashes engaged to solve low moq of Custom Lash Boxes, we can provide you low minimum order quantity custom lash boxes with normal market price, when you read this blog, you are lucky enough, you can get start your brand lash business with only 150$, 150$ you can get 20 pieces lash packaging boxes with your private label, and 20 pairs best quality mink lashes and also including shipping costs to USA .

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Where to find more lash box models 

The picture below is a box model printed with our customer logo. We have many box models. You only need to provide your logo to our sales staff, and she can arrange the designer to design your logo on your favorite box for FREE, saving you a design fee and you can get some favorite logo and boxes.

eyelashes package wholesale


Here are the mink eyelashes we supply. You can choose 20 pairs of eyelashes of any style, and then your order will be confirmed.

You can choose more different mink eyelash styles from the website directory


Eyelash Vendors

Several orders later, when you get more loyal customers, you can place big order, to save shipping costs, get more favorable discount, get lower price for your lash business, make more profits.


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