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Why Is Our 7D Eyelash Effect So Popular?

Why Is Our 7D Eyelash Effect So Popular?

Armani Lashes is a professional Mink Lashes Vendors Wholesale factory and Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer was established in 2006 in Qingdao,China, wholesale mink lashes to worldwide. Well known manufacturing Mink Individual Lashes, 3d Mink Lashes, Mink Lashes Wholesale, Custom Eyelash Packaging and glues, tweezers.

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As a professional supplier, we are not static. Every once in a while, we will release some new eyelashes to meet the needs of more people, so as to keep developing and making progress.

Our new 7D series, with a length of 20mm, is softer and more curled, which has been liked by many customers.

These are our two models of 7D eyelashes

7d eyelashes mink


7d eyelashes mink


Moderate length, personality and nature.

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