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Why Our Custom LOGO Eyelash Package MOQ Only 20PCS?

Why Our Custom LOGO Eyelash Package MOQ Only 20PCS?

In the market, the minimum order quantity for custom packaging from most suppliers is often 100 pcs  . Many people who want to start their own eyelash business have to spend a lot of time to raise funds. For those who want to start a small eyelash business, this is almost Is impossible.

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Eyelash Packaging box custom lashes package case

Fortunately, Armani Lashes is Eyelash Box Vendors ,do Lashes Packaging Wholesale and Custom Lash Box.We have almost  300 styles Luxury Eyelash packaging and Custom Lash Boxes With Perfect Quality! and when you need your brand custom packaging,we can provide you with Customized Your Own Eyelash Package Boxes, print your logo on the boxes. Attract more customers purchase your products, and make your eyelash business more successful.and Our Custom LOGO Eyelash Packaging MOQ Only 20 PCS!

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eyelashes package wholesale

Custom Lash boxes Create your own eyelash packaging

The first reason:We have our own factory for eyelashes and custom packaging. We have nearly 200 boxes with a total of hundreds of thousands of boxes in stock, so we accept small batch customization. We will directly print the logo on the box you choose and the production time is only It takes 5-7 days

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Custom Lash Woods Box wholesale eyelash packaging 

The second reason: In order to realize their entrepreneurial dreams for more people, we have hired 8 professional designers to provide customers with free logo design services, which can save you money and start your own brand fastercreate your own eyelash packaging.

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Custom eyelash Packaging boxes glitter lash Cases wholesale

The last reason : we sincerely hope that everyone who needs to start their own eyelash business can start with the least capital and provide them with the greatest convenience!

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