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What Are Magnetic Eyelashes?

What Are Magnetic Eyelashes?

Magnetic Lashes is a new type of eyelashes that combines Tripe Mink Lashes and Magnetic. We can divide them into different magnetic eyelashes according to the different magnets. The more magnets the eyelashes contain, the higher the quality, but adding more magnets will also increase the weight of the eyelashes and eyes, so be sure to use a small magnet. If you have a good supplier of magnetic eyelashes, they will do professional things for you.

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1.Who provides magnetic eyelashes?

If you want to order Wholesale Magnetic Eyelashes, you should first find your own Eyelash Vendors.

Armani Lashes is one of the best Magnetic Lash Vendors in China. We only focus on Luxury Magnetic Lash. If you want to build the same eyelash business line as Lilly Lashes, don’t miss Armani Lashes.

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2 What is the best magnetic eyelashes?

First, raw materials.
Magnetic eyelashes belong to striped eyelashes. First of all, we must determine that magnetic eyelashes are the best striped eyelashes. This is the basic knowledge we should know.

Second, the best magnet.
The high-quality magnetic block has good magnetic attraction, ensuring that your magnetic eyelashes will not fall off easily. Normally, the best magnetic eyelashes are not easily damaged by wind.

To ensure the firmness of magnetic eyelashes, first make sure to use a high-quality magnetic eyeliner.

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3 The best magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes

If you brush your magnetic eyelashes with a bad magnetic eyeliner, no matter how good your eyelashes are, your eyelashes will easily fall off.

Therefore, if you have the best quality magnetic eyelashes, be sure to use the best Magnetic Eyeliner. The best magnetic eyeliner contains more magnetic powder so that you can apply it to your magnetic eyelashes easily, efficiently and safely.

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4 How to apply magnetic eyelashes?

If you have high-grade magnetic glue, magnetic stripe eyelashes are easier to glue than glue stripe eyelashes. When you draw a perfect magnetic liquid line on the eye skin, the magnetic eyelashes will attach themselves. Now we will show you how to apply your magnetic eyelashes step by step.

Step 1: Please shake the magnetic mascara 3 times before use. Because there is too much magnetic powder in the magnetic glue, it must be mixed together, and the bottle must be shaken before use.

Step 2: Then apply the liquid eyeliner evenly on the eyes. Apply multiple times to make a good shape liner.

Step 3: After applying the magnet, wait for about 20 seconds, and wear the solution after the solution is completely dry to ensure the best effect!

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