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Which Length Of Mink Eyelashes Do You Prefer?

Which Length Of Mink Eyelashes Do You Prefer?

Armani Lashes is a well-known Mink Lash Vendors, specializing in the production of Wholesale Mink Eyelashes and Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes. Many girls want to have their own business. Wholesale Mink Eyelashes is a good choice. We have mink eyelashes of 13mm, 16mm, 20mm, 22mm and 25mm, but which length of mink eyelashes do you prefer?

《The Best Sellers of Armani Wholesale Mink Lashes》

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16mm mink eyelashes are very natural eyelashes, suitable for students or office workers. The 25mm mink eyelashes are very eye-catching, suitable for dancing parties and parties. It can quickly attract the attention of others and brighten the eyes of others. 20mm mink eyelashes are also very popular among American customers.

《Why Does Wella Lashes Mink Lashes Don’t Have A Very High MOQ Limit》

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And the eyelashes we make are more fluffy, such as 5D and 6D eyelashes, which look more fluffy, messy and curly than 3D eyelashes. As a professional Lash Vendor, we use 100% mink from Siberia, because Siberian mink is softer and more shiny. It is the best raw material for making 6D mink eyelashes.

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This is the best-selling style in the wholesale of 25mm Siberian Mink Eyelashes. Customers like this kind of eyelashes very much. We know that traditional sellers of 3d Mink Eyelashes pursue nature. If the eyelashes are worn and blended with human eyelashes, then the quality of the pair of eyelashes is good. But there are also many customers who like this very bold and exaggerated eyelash style.

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Nowadays, many beauty salons and eyelash beauticians have also begun to buy eyelashes from us. Our customers are very satisfied with the quality of our eyelashes and started to buy in large quantities. We have helped many customers to start their own eyelash business. And their businesses are very successful.

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